7 femenized photoperiod seeds
Swabi Pakistani is a totally unique and rare, unhybridized pure landrace/heirloom strain from the Swabi region of Pakistan. These seeds were gifted to me by Irrazin of Indian Landrace Exchange and are being released for the Breeders Without Borders project. Proceeds will be donated to building the Nanda Devi Cannabis Library that will be developed into a Museum in the Himalayas! This is a very special project with amazing intentions. The farmer who cultivated this pure variety for over 40 years was forced to stop cultivating due to legal issues and has gifted the seeds to Irrazin with the wishes that they be spread around the world so this valuable and unique strain will not become extinct forever. Irrazin has teamed up with Mass Medical Strains to make this project a reality, and together we will be able to share this beautiful unique gene pool with the world!

Flavor: Woody, spicy, sharp, solvent, unique Swabi funk. Combined with individual phenotypical expressions of additional cream, haze, body odor, mint, pine, and more!
Effect: Racy, clear, uplifted, energized, hungry, excited, explorative, open, cheerful and laughter.
Flower Time: 8-10 weeks
Yield: High
Height: Pheno dependent, some Short and some Medium

Swabi Pakistani 3